Transport & Logistics

Being located near the border, the region in which our offices are located plays an important role in the movement of goods and in trade; most of the overall Dutch international traffic flow runs via German. Our German Desk has extensive knowledge of German law and assists our clients in all domestic and international legal aspects of logistics services.

Transport may come to a standstill for several reasons. Cargo may be damaged and accidents may occur. Problems may also arise because a supplier or customer is faced with financial difficulties or is declared insolvent. You will usually incur direct loss in such cases. You can then rely on Brouwer Legal. We will promote your interests and make every effort to recover your loss if possible.

The Netherlands and Germany play an important part in the international playing field of transport and logistics. That world is in a permanent state of flux and many different legal forces are at play. It is a daily challenge to deliver products in the agreed quantities, at the agreed time and at the agreed place. A further challenge is to do so at a competitive price. That would be impossible without sound agreements, contracts and conditions. Brouwer Legal can assist you in the negotiation, drafting, review or termination of domestic and international contracts.