Doing Business Internationally

Each country has its own laws and regulations. We can help you, for instance, with your import or export plans or if you wish to relocate to another country. If you do business outside the Netherlands, Brouwer Legal will remain your designated contact. We have a large international network of attorneys, tax attorneys, accountants, tax consultants and management consultants, which allows us to assist you in doing business internationally at any time.

Our large network allows us to answer any worldwide legal questions you may have. To name a few of them: On the basis of what law must a cross-border contract be assessed and what consequences will that have for you? Can you institute proceedings before a Dutch court in the event of a conflict or must you do so abroad? How can you safeguard your current and future rights abroad? If security rights, such as retention of title, apply, can you also rely on them outside the Netherlands? What issues should you bear in mind as a managing director if you establish a subsidiary abroad?

Brouwer Legal has international experience and specialises in identifying and harmonising international differences. We advise and assist Dutch companies and organisations abroad, as well as advising foreign business owners, companies and other organisations on the basis of Dutch law on legal issues regarding Dutch commercial law and the related employment law. In principle, we can do so in your own language.