Sports & Healthy Lifestyle

Brouwer Legal is one of the few law firms in the Netherlands that specialises in sports law. We are at home in the playing field of sports law. Being a specialist in sports law requires more than knowledge of the applicable legislation. Knowledge of the sector and the rules of the sports associations in question, such as the KNVB (Royal Netherlands Football Association) and the Hockey Association, but also the UEFA and the FIFA, is essential in that regard.

Sports law is a collective term for several areas of the law that play an important role in the world of sports. The main ones are employment law, the law of associations and commercial law, but contract law and private international law also play an important role. All of these areas of the law have Brouwer Legal’s special attention. It makes no difference to Brouwer Legal whether an individual sports star, a sports organisation or a sponsor is involved. We can assist you in the negotiation, drafting, review or termination of domestic and international contracts. We can also litigate on your behalf before one of the many arbitration committees.

The media pay a great deal of attention to both sports and the related healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. An unhealthy lifestyle is detrimental to health and professional performance. Obesity, for instance, is therefore not only the employee’s concern, since it may also confront employers with unmotivated employees and high absenteeism costs. We advise employers on how to promote a healthy lifestyle within their organisations.

A passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle brings people together. In the same manner as sports stars, Brouwer Legal puts its best foot forward on a daily basis – sound preparation goes a long way.