Information Technology & the Internet

Brouwer Legal’s offices are situated on CeeCee, a creative breeding ground. The area is characterised by companies that provide services in the fields of information technology and the Internet. No company can do without computers, a network and the Internet. That exposes them to the risk of significant loss if a computer system malfunctions or an IT services provider fails to live up to its obligations.

The purchase of a computer system or the outsourcing of IT services usually requires a major investment. Suppliers do not always have a clear picture of what is required to meet their customers’ IT wishes. The purchase of a computer system often gives rise to conflicts between suppliers and customers. In that case you can rely on Brouwer Legal’s expertise and experience.

We take pleasure in converting complex IT projects into practical and manageable contract provisions. We can help you negotiate, draw up, review or terminate Dutch or international ICT contracts, such as ASP/SaaS agreements, cloud agreements, software development agreements, customised agreements, software distribution agreements, outsourcing agreements, software licensing agreements, service level agreements (SLAs), maintenance agreements, escrow agreements, cloud escrow agreements, warranty agreements, general conditions, hosting agreements, webvertising agreements and agreements on the construction of websites. We have pooled all our sector-specific expertise and experience in order to offer you a comprehensive package of legal services in the field of information technology and the Internet.