German Desk

Doing business across borders goes without saying these days. Germany is our largest trading partner and is therefore Brouwer Legal’s focus of interest. Brouwer Legal has several attorneys who have obtained law degrees in both the Netherlands and Germany and who have been admitted to the bar in both countries as advocaten and Rechtsanwälte. They are qualified to litigate in both countries, which is exceptional. You may contact Brouwer Legal’s German Desk if you have any legal questions in the field of German/Dutch commercial law and the related employment law. This applies to Dutch business owners that have questions about German commercial law and the related employment law, as well as to German business owners who have questions about Dutch commercial law and the related employment law.

Brouwer Legal’s German Desk will assist you in your own language and will shoulder all your burdens. Brouwer Legal’s German Desk is engaged not only by business owners, but also by banks and by fellow attorneys. Banks engage our services because of our specialist knowledge, sector-specific expertise and special services. They greatly appreciate having one designated contact who can assist them in their own language. Fellow attorneys regard our German Desk as an extension of their own services. Brouwer Legal is happy to provide them with either a second opinion, advice on differences in the law or an answer to another specific question. We are pleased to help our colleagues; the same applies to other specialists. We do so while protecting the attorney-client relationship of the fellow attorney in question. If necessary, we can also operate in the background.

Brouwer Legal has an extensive network of specialists in the Netherlands and Germany and maintains close contacts with the German/Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Euregio.