Company Law

Company law pertains to the structure and organisation of your company, among other things. Brouwer Legal can advise you on, for instance, the structure and organisation of your company and on the internal relations between the natural persons and legal entities within your company. The structure and organisation chosen may need to be changed after a legal entity has been set up. Brouwer Legal can assist you in making those changes.

Company law also concerns the rights, obligations and responsibilities of managing directors, shareholders and supervisory directors. Brouwer Legal advises and litigates on the liability and other issues related to those rights, obligations and responsibilities. Officers’ and directors’ liability issues and internal disputes are a particular area of interest. They may give rise to disputes between the company and a current or former managing director, disputes regarding the cooperation with affiliated or unaffiliated companies, disputes among the shareholders and disputes between a company and a shareholder.

Other aspects of company law are the legal form, incorporation, restructuring, liquidation, winding up and conversion of your Dutch or international company. Brouwer Legal furthermore advises on the two-tier board structure, employee participation and capital maintenance schemes. Company law also pertains to the purchase, issue and cancellation of shares and the issue of depositary receipts. Brouwer Legal can advise you on these subjects as well.