Procedural Law

Litigation is a specialist field. In many areas of procedural law we, as advocaten and Rechtsanwälte, are exclusively qualified to litigate on behalf of clients. That is where we differ from lawyers who never represent clients in court. And there is good reason for this: litigation requires special expertise and skills. Expertise, skills and experience are the foundations of our litigation practice. Brouwer Legal thinks ahead, knows how judges think and focuses on the ultimate goal.

Although litigate is not an end in itself, it can be unavoidable. We regard litigation as a means of achieving a predetermined end and do not shy away from using it for that purpose. Brouwer Legal will side with you and promote your interests through thick and thin during the proceedings. We are relentless and outspoken when necessary, adopting a cooperative or procrastinating approach when it suits. We will carefully choose our strategy in consultation with you. We will assume responsibility for your case and know what needs to be done to arrive at the best possible outcome. But if we see any opportunities or reasons to avoid litigation, we will of course discuss them with you.

We primarily assist our clients in proceedings in the field of commercial law and the related employment law. We have experience with summons proceedings, application proceedings, third-party proceedings, preliminary relief proceedings, witness examinations, appeal proceedings and proceedings to have default judgments set aside, as well with taking protective and enforcement measures. Brouwer Legal’s attorneys are qualified to litigate in several countries. In addition to proceedings before the ordinary courts and courts of appeal, we also litigate before the Netherlands Enterprise Court and the European Court of Arbitration, and will also be pleased to assist you in other arbitration proceedings.