International Trade

Brouwer Legal helps its clients to tap new markets and to strengthen their position on existing markets. We are specialists in handling international issues, particularly those involving cross-border trade between the Netherlands and Germany.

If you are doing or wish to do business in an international setting, you are likely to be confronted with legal and cultural differences. Minor differences may have major consequences and may give rise to undesirable risks. Brouwer Legal has international experience and specialises in identifying and reconciling international differences. We can assist you in the negotiation, drafting, review or termination of domestic or international commercial contracts. We can also advise you on international distribution and franchise systems. If necessary, we can do so together with international partners in our network.

We not only advise and assist Dutch companies and organisations; on the basis of our knowledge of Dutch law we also advise foreign business owners, companies and other organisations. As the owner of a foreign business you may wish to seize and execute collateral in the Netherlands. Or you may wish to restructure, reorganise, merge, acquire and/or liquidate a Dutch company or subsidiary. You may therefore wish to be informed about Dutch commercial law and the related employment law. In that case Brouwer Legal can advise you on and shoulder the burden of these issues. In principle, we are able to do so in your own language.