Financing and Security

Financing issues go to the heart of your company. The availability of suitable financing is essential in doing business. Financial institutions critically assess financing arrangements and carry out risk and profitability assessments, whereby they often demand solid security. To safeguard the continuity of your company it is important to consider what arrangement best meets your needs. On the basis of the financing proposal and the security requested, Brouwer Legal can analyse their possible impact on your operations. We have relevant expertise and experience in the field of security, but also in the field of insolvency law, which is of great added value in making that analysis. It allows us to think outside the box and to help safeguard your independence. Changing the structure of your company is one of the means often used for that purpose.

Brouwer Legal advises companies not only on financial restructurings and bank financing, but on a great many forms of financing and security instruments. We also advise on the financing of acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, lease arrangements and factoring. In consultation with other specialists we can draw up or review customised agreements. We can also advise and litigate on collateral security, such as pledges and mortgage rights. Our areas of expertise also include personal security, such as joint and several liability, subordination and suretyships.

If a financed company is faced with financial difficulties, we can advise on foreclosure and sell up the security if necessary. We can do so both in the Netherlands and abroad.