Credit Management

Brouwer Legal assists business owners in domestic and international debt collection processes. As a business owner, you will be faced with debtors. Nowadays in particular, it is important to collect outstanding claims as soon as possible. An energetic approach is in your best interest. The collection of outstanding debts can take a great deal of time – time that you cannot spend on your core business. Brouwer Legal will make every effort to ensure that you are paid what is due to you. We will communicate with your debtor in a professional and proficient manner. If necessary, we will take prejudgment attachment or other measures, institute legal proceedings or file an insolvency petition against your debtor. Brouwer Legal will make every effort to assist you.

Brouwer Legal has a large international network of attorneys and bailiffs, which allows us to supervise both domestic and international debt collection processes. We can provide you with customised advice in each individual case, together with an estimate of the feasibility of the debt collection process. In principle, we will do so in your own language. The same applies to your debtor. Experience has taught us that there are many means of collecting debts, in the Netherlands, in Europe and worldwide. In principle, we charge result-based fees and attempt to recover our costs from your debtor.

It is always preferable to minimise the risk of debtors. We will be pleased to discuss with you how you can achieve this by efficiently organising your internal processes.