All of Brouwer Legal’s attorneys have their own specialist areas and assist their clients in a broad area. Specialising allows us to provide optimal advice – fast and to the point. Our clients can rely on top-quality services at all times. The quality of our services depends not only on what we do, but also on how we do it. If a situation so requires, we will work on your case as a multidisciplinary legal team. We embrace the four-eyes principle. We check and coach each other. We aim for continuous improvement and believe in Continuing Professional Development. We share our experiences in order to promote our clients’ interests as efficiently as possible, fully focuses on and committed to your best interest. We look forward to working with you closely to achieve the best outcome.

Brouwer Legal provides fast and transparent advice. Our clients’ interest are always our top priority. We can offer you the expertise that your legal question requires. If an issue falls outside our fields of expertise, we will use our carefully selected network of civil-law notaries, tax attorneys, accountants, management consultants and attorneys who specialise in other areas of the law. Our aim at all times is of course to achieve the best possible result.

Brouwer Legal is an independent and results-driven law firm. Our prime concern is to work together with our clients in an open and accessible manner. We aim to achieve the desired result by combining our clients’ views with our sector-specific expertise and legal know-how.