Business Scan

Doing business involves taking calculated risks. A skilful business owner is able to control those risks, but will require a sound understanding of those risks in order to do so. Brouwer Legal is often engaged after the event and we often find that problems could have been avoided if we had been engaged at an earlier stage. Our legal scan allow us to identify risks at an early stage and to make recommendations to avoid undesirable situations.

Our legal scan analyses your entire organisation and the operating processes. An intake meeting will be held before the scan is performed. We do not charge any costs for such meetings. We then draw up a services concept on the basis of our experience and sector-specific expertise, as well as the outcome of the meeting. In that services concept we specify the aspects that we wish to investigate. Brouwer Legal’s scan involves more than 1,000 checks, not all of which are usually necessary. We not only review documents, but conduct interviews as well. That gives us an overall impression of your organisation and its operating processes. We also investigate the expertise and experience of your employees. After making our analysis, we will present our findings and recommendations. If you wish, we can then actually implement our recommendations. If that requires additional training for your employees, that can be arranged. Our didactic skills and legal knowledge allow us to make complex issues simple.

Brouwer Legal provides customised services in terms of both content and price. The services concept will also state the costs that will be charged for each aspect. But those costs will not be charged until agreement is reached. We conceive, but you decide.