Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

You wish to restructure, sell or split up your company. You wish to cooperate with another company in a joint venture or have an investor participate in your company. You wish to merge your company with another company. You wish to sell, purchase or expand a shareholding. You wish to be assisted in a management buy-out or buy-in. Without sound legal assistance, such projects often founder at an early stage. Brouwer Legal can assist and advise you in such processes. We have the expertise, experience and professional network required to optimally promote your interests.

As a business owner you will want to rely on expert assistance and advice throughout the process. That may include informal and non-binding investigations and meetings, the drafting of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), the drafting and presentation of an information memorandum, the drafting of a letter of intent (LOI), the performance of a due diligence investigation, the conducting of negotiations, the drafting of a share purchase agreement (SPA) or the supervision of the share transfer; Brouwer Legal can meet your needs in all of these cases.

Brouwer Legal has a domestic and international network in the merger and acquisition practice. We can put together an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary team at short notice, in which attorneys, accountants, tax consultants, civil-law notaries, management consultants, surveyors and financial and insurance specialists work together. A team that will bring the assignment to a successful conclusion.