Starting up a business gives rise to many legal questions. What is the best legal form and structure for your company? What models and other contracts do you need for your employees, customers and suppliers? What role do general conditions play, what requirements must they meet and how should they be used? How can you ensure when negotiating with your contracting partner that your rights, products and ideas will be optimally protected? As a rule, start-ups do not have the legal and other experience and infrastructure required to determine their position in such negotiations. Brouwer Legal can be of assistance to start-ups.

Brouwer Legal had a start-up package that was created specifically to help start-ups on their way. Start-ups that lack legal experience and infrastructure usually also have insufficient funds, or are unwilling to spend them on sound legal advice. That choice is understandable, but definitely involves risks. Our start-up package provides sound legal advice at an affordable cost. Under a customised contract you can pay when you are able to. If you achieve your predetermined targets, we will participate in your success. If you fail to achieve certain targets, we will bear that in mind.

Enschede is increasingly able to create a start-up friendly ecosystem that can hold its own with other well-known international university cities. Investors are increasingly willing to invest in young technological and other companies at an early stage. Brouwer Legal advises and assists both investors and founders in creating a climate that will increase the likelihood of success.