With a university and a college of advanced education within a stone’s throw and with attorneys who lecture at the HBO-Rechten law course, Brouwer Legal is well versed in the education sector. As a knowledge institute, Brouwer Legal has in-depth knowledge of the regulations that specifically apply to education. They include educational facilities, funding, compulsory attendance, accreditation and the constitutional right to freedom of education.

Educational organisations have to deal with ever increasing areas of the law. Education law cannot be easily defined. Many areas of the law may be involved in answering questions of education law. And those questions are becoming increasingly complex, varying from questions on employment relationships to questions of financing and collateral. The legislation and regulations in the field of education are extremely extensive and the end of the juridification of the education sector is not yet in sight.

Brouwer Legal has affinity with education and knowledge sharing. We are well versed in education law and able to identify the cross-links to other areas of the law. We consider it a social responsibility to contribute to sound education; education is, after all, an ongoing process.