Secondment & In-House Training

You may sometimes have a need for legal assistance within your organisation. You may then prefer a fast and flexible solution to hiring attorneys or lawyers/paralegals. In that case Brouwer Legal can assist you by means of the secondment of qualified attorneys or paralegals.

The attorney or paralegal assigned to you can perform the necessary work on site or remotely. Brouwer Legal will draw up a services concept based on your wishes. It will set out the nature of the work, the amount of work to be performed and the environment in which the attorney or paralegal will be engaged. That will allow us to achieve a sound match and provide customised services. The advantages of such secondment will be obvious: you can control the costs (no salary costs or occupational disability risk) and will have a specialist at your disposal on site. Expertise will be provided by an attorney or paralegal who is backed by a sound office organisation.

Brouwer Legal is aware that decisions at a management or policy level are not always supported at all levels of an organisation. Those decisions are often unclear to other key figures. To solve that problem Brouwer Legal can provide in-house training that is tailored to the target group together with you as the business owner. Such courses could address, for instance, the use of general conditions by account managers, or the documenting of poor performance by HR officers. The possibilities are numerous. We will be pleased to look into the possibilities and draw up a customised solution together with you.